New!! Pictures page

As of today we will be adding some more pictures, just to show we haven't aged in all those years of playing with the MarbeTones !!

UK Tour 2018

Our "traditional " UK tour will be from from febr.15 till febr 19 2018.
One of the highlights is our gig on Saturday evening during Broadstairs Blues Bash.
This takes place in Broadstairs, a beautiful small town of near the sea. All the pubs and bars are FREE entry!!

So, wherever you are, come over to Broadstairs and enjoy our show or visit one of the other 60+ bands who will show up !!

Klingenthal 2017 ..what a party!!

We stayed a few days in Klingenthal Germany to be part of the Mundharmonika live festival.
Thursday evening we joined the jamsession and on Friday the band was backing up the participants of the Seydel open contest.
Friday night was "time to party" as we were opening the blues jamsession .. and what a party it was.
Joined by an army of wonderful musicians we all made the people sing and dance and scream and…. Well, you know !!

Saturday we had our own show in Zum Walfisch in Klingenthal. It was great, what more can I say.

We had nothing but Marble amps on stage which helps a lot!! Happy) ( see picture is below)

And this is where it all happened…
. Klingenthal!!


How about a stage with nothing but Marble amps standing there to produce their beautiful vintage sounds Happy)


And the audience seemed to like it a did we Happy)


Website is updated !!!

Update: Finally we have a nice video that also shows our newest member of our band, Paolo de Stigter!
This "very" young man shows that you don't have to be old and grumpy to play the blues.
I think we will call him 'The Groove Machine" from now on!!

New 2016 CD coming up soon!!

Today we started our rehearsal schedule and we did the first 5 originals, trying out different ideas for the new songs. If all goes well we may end up with 10 new originals for the upcoming cd!! Recording dates will be announced soon.

As it looks now we will do the recordings in Wagensberg, Austria . More info:

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